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A. In accordance with state law, animal control may accept an animal that has been seized by a peace officer and placed in protective custody in order to shelter, care for, and provide necessary medical attention.

B. Animal control will make a reasonable effort to locate the owner to make arrangements for redemption, adoption or euthanasia. If no contact with the owner can be made or the animal has not been redeemed after 10 business days and no petition has been filed with the court for the animal’s return, the animal may be deemed abandoned and become property of the Borough. Animal control may make the animal available for adoption or may euthanize it.

C. Upon diagnosis and recommendation of a licensed veterinarian, animal control may humanely destroy or arrange for the humane destruction of a severely injured, diseased, or suffering animal that has been placed in protective custody.

D. Animal control shall seek an order from the court for the cost of care of an animal that is received and maintained under this section. (Ord. 2017-27 § 7, 2017.)