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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 2020-12 Temporarily authorizing suspension or modification of code provisions pertaining to scheduling, public participation, teleconferencing, and other related provisions of code related to public meetings of the governing body 3/19/2020 Special
Ord. 2020-11 Reserved
Ord. 2020-10 Reserved
Ord. 2020-09 Provides for sale of property 3/12/2020 Special
Ord. 2020-08 Lease assignment to Far North Foundation of Automotive Safety Training 3/12/2020 Special
Ord. 2020-07 Lease agreement with Salcha Nordic Ski Club, Inc. 3/12/2020 Special
Ord. 2020-06 Reserved
Ord. 2020-05 Amends § 9.04.030, consumption and possession of alcohol in borough parks 1/30/2020 Codified
Ord. 2020-04 Lease with the Interior Girls Softball Association 1/30/2020 Special
Ord. 2020-03 Reserved
Ord. 2020-02 Reserved
Ord. 2020-01 Adds exception to the effective date provisions of Ord. 2019-01, road access for subdivisions 1/16/2020 Special
Ord. 2019-49 Approves agreement with Corvias Air Force Living LLC 2/27/2020 Special
Ord. 2019-48 Amends § 7.12.020(D), budget management 12/12/2019 Codified
Ord. 2019-47 Adds § 8.04.070(J), specific property exempt from taxation 12/12/2019 Codified
Ord. 2019-46 Amends §§ 8.04.060(I) and (N), real property exempted from taxation 11/14/2019 Codified
Ord. 2019-45 Adds § 21.28.045, voluntary heating oil to natural gas or propane conversion program 11/14/2019 Codified
Ord. 2019-44 Provides for sale of property 11/14/2019 Special
Ord. 2019-43 Amends § 7.04.030, appropriation of funds 9/26/2019 Codified
Ord. 2019-42 Alters Vista Gold Road service area boundaries 10/10/2019 Special
Ord. 2019-41 Alters Seavy service area boundaries 10/10/2019 Special
Ord. 2019-40 Alters Twenty-Three Mile Slough service area boundaries Defeated
Ord. 2019-39 Alters McCloud service area boundaries 10/10/2019 Special
Ord. 2019-38 Rezone 9/12/2019 Special
Ord. 2019-37 Adopts land use plan 9/12/2019 Special