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A. A member of the Assembly may participate in and vote at a regular meeting, special meeting, Finance Committee, or work session of the Assembly by teleconference (e.g., telephone, videoconferencing, or similar technology) under the following circumstances:

1. When a local, state, or federal disaster declaration is in effect for the borough; or

2. When a member cannot physically attend the meeting.

a. The member’s physical absence may not exceed a total of six consecutive, regular assembly meetings due to:

i. An illness or injury of the Assemblymember or an immediate family member; or

ii. The death of an immediate family member.

b. The member’s physical absence may not exceed a total of 18 regular meetings in a 12-month period if the absences are due to the need to care for a child following the birth of a child, adoption of a child, or placement of a foster child into a member’s home.

c. The member’s physical absence may not exceed three consecutive, regular Assembly meetings for other circumstances.

B. Meetings shall have reasonable technical capabilities to allow participation by teleconference whenever possible, to include being able to hear and engage in discussion and being audible to all persons participating in the meeting.

C. Prior to the meeting, reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that members participating by teleconference are provided with the meeting agenda and other pertinent documents to be discussed and/or acted upon. Access to the agenda and documents from the Borough’s website or Assembly email is considered sufficient access.

D. Assemblymembers shall provide the Clerk’s office with at least 24 hours’ notice of their intent to participate by teleconference and provide contact information for purposes of setting up the teleconference.

E. No more than the first three members to contact the Clerk’s office requesting participation by teleconference at a particular meeting may participate remotely except during a declared disaster. Notwithstanding other provisions herein, all members may participate by teleconference in a special meeting called to consider an emergency action.

F. All votes taken at a meeting with a member attending by teleconference shall be by roll call.

G. Assemblymembers shall not participate in an executive session or Board of Adjustment proceeding by teleconference except during a declared disaster.

H. An Assemblymember may not preside over or chair a meeting in which they are participating by teleconference except during a declared disaster. (Ord. 2022-19 § 2, 2022; Ord. 2019-09 § 2, 2019; Ord. 2016-50 § 2, 2016.)