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A. After a period of one year has passed from the determination that an animal is a dangerous animal or a nuisance animal, the owner may apply to the Animal Control Manager to have the designation removed or conditions modified in accordance with this section:

1. Submission of a written application by the current owner of the animal;

2. Supporting documentation showing a change in circumstances or compliance with conditions;

3. Certification that the animal has not had any further incidents of nuisance or dangerous animal behavior and that the owner has not had any violations of this title; and

4. The animal bite did not cause serious physical injury or death to any human.

B. The decision of the Animal Control Manager is a final action and is not appealable. If an application is denied, an owner may submit a new application if at least one year has passed from the date of denial if the owner includes documentation of a change in circumstances from the original request. (Ord. 2023-41 § 4, 2023.)