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A. The Chief Procurement Officer shall issue a written decision to debar. The decision shall state the reasons for the action taken; and inform the debarred person of the right to judicial review as provided in this section. When debarment is ordered the decision shall state the length of the debarment, the reasons for such action, and to what extent affiliates are affected.

B. A copy of the decision shall be mailed or otherwise furnished immediately to the debarred person. The decision shall take effect upon issuance and receipt by the person debarred. The decision shall be final and conclusive, unless fraudulent, or the debarred person files an administrative appeal with superior court in accordance with court rules. If appealed the decision shall remain effective until a court otherwise orders or until the period of debarment expires. (Ord. 2002-29 § 36, 2002. 2004 Code § 16.60.040.)