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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 68-22 Not adopted
Ord. 68-21 Not adopted
Ord. 68-20 Emergency budget Special
Ord. 68-17 Amends Schedule B of prior code § 49.15.160, development standards Repealed by 88-010
Ord. 68-16 Emergency powers for library operation Special
Ord. 68-13 Tax levy rate for Musk Ox Service Area Special
Ord. 68-12 Sets rate of levy for areawide functions Special
Ord. 68-11 Adjusts tax levy Special
Ord. 68-10E Not adopted
Ord. 68-10A – 68-10F Amends 1968-1969 budget Special
Ord. 68-10 Adopts 1968-1969 budget Special
Ord. 68-8 Amends 1967-1968 budget Special
Ord. 68-7 Not adopted
Ord. 68-6 Amends prior code § 69.05.020, property exempt from taxation Repealed by 86-098
Ord. 68-5 Amends Ord. 67-32, reassessment and reduction of taxes Special
Ord. 68-4A Amends 1967-1968 budget Special
Ord. 68-4 Amends 1967-1968 budget Special
Ord. 68-3 Amends prior code § 69.10.060, sales and use tax Repealed by voters 10/6/87
Ord. 68-2 Not adopted
Ord. 68-1 Lease agreement with Communications Supply Company Special
Ord. 67-41 Not adopted
Ord. 67-40 Not adopted
Ord. 67-39 Not adopted
Ord. 67-38 Not adopted
Ord. 67-37 Alaska Municipal League membership and dues Special