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The Borough will waive ambulance fees for volunteer firefighters and volunteer medics and their spouses, and minor dependent children. The volunteer must meet the following criteria:

A. A current and active volunteer of a state of Alaska and Fairbanks North Star Borough recognized first responder service, registered fire department or a certified ambulance service located and operating within the Borough; and

B. If providing volunteer firefighting services, be certified as a firefighter by the Alaska Department of Public Safety; or

C. If providing volunteer emergency medical services, be certified under AS 18.08.

The fire or EMS chief as appropriate for each department shall be responsible for certifying that the volunteer has met the criteria established for this waiver and will submit the name(s) in writing to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations Department. (Ord. 2006-03 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 3.50.020.)