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A. On sale of foreclosed property the Borough shall divide the proceeds, less cost of collection, between the Borough and the city having unpaid taxes against the property. The division is in proportion to the respective municipal taxes against the property at the time of foreclosure.

B. If tax-foreclosed real property that has been held by the Borough for less than 10 years after the close of the redemption period and never designated for a public purpose is sold at a tax-foreclosure sale, the former record owner is entitled to the portion of the proceeds of the sale that exceeds the amount of unpaid taxes, the amount equal to taxes that would have been assessed and levied after foreclosure if the property had continued in private ownership, penalty, interest and costs to the Borough of foreclosing and selling the property. If the proceeds of the sale of tax-foreclosed property exceed the total of unpaid and delinquent taxes, penalty, interest, and costs, the Borough shall provide the former owner of the property written notice advising of the amount of the excess and the manner in which a claim for the balance of the proceeds may be submitted. Notice is sufficient under this subsection if mailed to the former record owner at the last address of record of the former record owner. On presentation of a proper claim, the Borough shall remit the excess to the former record owner. A claim for the excess filed after six months of the date of sale is forever barred. (Ord. 86-036 § 8, 1986. 2004 Code § 3.36.080.)