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A. The day following the election, the election canvass board shall meet in public session and canvass all election returns. In full view of those present, the election canvass board shall judge the applicability of absentee and questioned ballots, shall open and tally those accepted, and shall compile the total votes cast in the election. The canvass of the ballot vote counted by the precinct election boards and early voting station election officials shall be accomplished by reviewing the tallies of the recorded vote to check for mathematical error by comparing totals with the precinct’s or early voting station’s certificate of results. All obvious errors found by the election canvass in the transfer of totals from the tally sheets to the certificate of results shall be corrected by the canvass board. A mistake that has been made in the returns that is not clearly an error in the transfer of the results from the tallies to the certificate of results empowers the canvass board to recommend a recount of the results of the precinct or precincts or early voting station for that portion of the returns in question.

B. Upon completion of the canvass, the board shall prepare a final certificate of the results of votes cast by early, absentee, questioned and challenged ballots and of votes cast by regular ballot, and shall prepare a written report of the results to be submitted to the assembly. (Ord. 2020-26 § 7, 2020; Ord. 2004-45 § 2, 2004. 2004 Code § 2.12.640.)