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A. A qualified voter may apply for an absentee ballot to be sent by electronic transmission. Such request must be made by noon (Alaska Standard Time) the day immediately preceding the election. Absentee ballots will be electronically transmitted to the location designated in the application. If no location is designated, and if the request is received no later than seven days prior to the election, the ballot will be mailed in the manner provided for absentee ballots by mail. The Borough Clerk may impose reasonable conditions for electronically transmitting absentee ballots.

B. A ballot electronically transmitted shall contain a copy of the ballot to be used at the election in a form suitable for transmission. A photocopy of the computerized ballot card to be used by persons voting in person at the polling places is acceptable.

C. The voter shall mark the ballot on or before the date of the election and shall use a mail service at least equal to first class and mail the ballot not later than the day of the election to the Borough Clerk. The ballot may not be counted unless it is received by the close of business on the Tuesday following the election.

D. A voter may transmit the ballot electronically no later than the closing of polls on election day. The ballot shall be counted in the same manner as other absentee ballots, even though this procedure may reveal to one or more election officials the manner in which a particular absentee voter cast their ballot. However, it shall be unlawful to display a telefax ballot in a manner revealing the way in which a particular voter cast their ballot to any person other than the Borough Clerk, a member of the Borough Clerk’s staff, an election official in the course of their duties, or an attorney advising the Borough Clerk on legal questions concerning the ballot.

E. All service area elections shall use the procedures in this section. (Ord. 2019-09 § 2, 2019; Ord. 2016-40 § 33, 2016; Ord. 2015-48 § 7, 2015; Ord. 2004-45 § 2, 2004. 2004 Code § 2.12.590.)