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A. The commission shall consist of nine persons who must be residents of the Borough. The Mayor of the Borough shall appoint five members, who shall be confirmed by the Assembly. The Mayor of the City of Fairbanks shall appoint four members, who shall be confirmed by the City Council.

B. All members nominated shall have a broad interest in the future of the Chena riverfront and should have experience in some field related to development and land use policies for the riverfront including, but not limited to, planning, recreation, economic development, conservation, trails, business, tourism, historical preservation, riverfront land ownership, parks, and other activities associated with the betterment of Fairbanks and the properties along the Chena River. In nominating, appointing and confirming members to the commission the municipalities shall attempt to maintain a commission that is balanced in reflecting a wide range of views about development of the riverfront.

C. The commission members shall serve without pay.

D. The terms of office shall be three years; provided, that in appointing the original members of the commission, each Mayor shall stagger the initial terms so that at least one commission member’s term will expire in each year. Members may be reappointed.

E. The Assembly may remove any commission member by a majority vote. The City Council may remove any city commission member by a majority vote. (Ord. 2022-01 § 2, 2022; Ord. 92-019 § 2, 1992. 2004 Code § 2.37.020.)