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A. The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly shall hold regular meetings beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month unless the Presiding Officer schedules otherwise. All regular and special meetings, committee meetings, and gatherings of more than three Assemblymembers shall be public meetings. Notice of a public hearing shall be published at least five days before each regular meeting. The Clerk shall cause notice of committee meetings or gatherings of more than three Assemblymembers.

B. The Presiding Officer or three or more Assemblymembers may cause a special meeting or special work session to be called if the Presiding Officer or Clerk gives a majority of the Assemblymembers at least 24 hours’ oral or written notice and makes reasonable efforts to notify all Assemblymembers.

1. Notice of a special meeting or special work session shall include the time, location, and purpose of the special meeting and the identity of the persons calling the special meeting. A special meeting or special work session shall be noticed in the following manner:

a. Posted at the entryway of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Juanita Helms Administration Center; and

b. Posted on the Borough web page; and

c. Released in public service announcements to news media.

2. The Assembly shall not transact any business at a special meeting or special work session except business relating to the purpose stated in the notice of the meeting.

C. The Assembly may conduct a special meeting with less than 24 hours’ notice if all Assemblymembers are present or if absent Assemblymembers have waived in writing the required notice. Waiver of notice can be made before or after the special meeting is held. A waiver of notice shall be made a part of the minutes for the meeting.

D. A majority of the total membership of the Assembly authorized by law constitutes a quorum. The Assembly shall not transact any business if a quorum is not present.

E. The order of business at all regular meetings of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly shall be as follows:

1. Call to order;

2. Nonsectarian invocation;

3. Pledge of Allegiance;

4. Roll call;

5. Requests for removal of items from the consent agenda and any other procedural motions;

6. Citizens’ Comments. Citizens’ comments shall recess at 6:50 p.m. for public hearing.

a. A citizen may speak on an agenda item that is not scheduled on the agenda for public hearing except that citizens’ comments on Board of Adjustment matters are not permitted;

b. Citizens’ comments on items that are not scheduled on the agenda;

7. Approval of agenda and consent agenda:

a. Approval of consent agenda passes all items indicated by an asterisk on that agenda;

b. Consent agenda items are not considered separately except as provided in FNSBC 3.20.010(A)(7);

8. Approval of minutes;

9. Communications to the Assembly:

a. Bid awards,

b. Contract awards,

c. Memoranda requiring concurrence of Assembly;

10. Messages from the Borough Mayor;

11. Reports of standing and special committees;

12. Special orders – public hearing;

13. Consideration of calendar – unfinished business;

14. Citizens’ comments on items that are not scheduled for public hearing – continuation;

15. Consideration of calendar – new business:

a. Resolutions,

b. Ordinances to be referred to committee or commission,

c. Ordinances to be advanced;

16. Citizens’ comments on items that are not scheduled on the agenda – continuation;

17. Assemblymember’s comments;

18. Adjournment.

F. Special Orders. The Assembly shall hear all interested persons wishing to be heard prior to enactment of an ordinance. Resolutions may also be scheduled for public hearing at the request of the sponsor or the Presiding Officer. Public hearing shall commence at the time specified in the public notice for each meeting, which shall be 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise determined by the Presiding Officer. If the Assembly has not completed agenda items 1 through 8 as provided in subsection (E) of this section prior to the time for commencement of special orders – public hearing, the Presiding Officer shall suspend action on the unfinished items and shall commence public hearing at the time specified. Unfinished agenda items shall be resumed upon completion of public hearing on all items scheduled therefor. If the Assembly has completed agenda items 1 through 8 as provided in subsection (E) of this section prior to the said time for public hearings, the Presiding Officer may take up other agenda items or may recess the Assembly. In all cases, special orders – public hearing items shall be considered beginning at the time specified in the public notice for each meeting. Public hearing shall be heard in the manner provided in FNSBC 3.16.040 and this section. For each individual public hearing item, the order shall be:

1. Staff report (no Assemblymember questions permitted);

2. Public testimony;

3. Debate and questions of staff;

4. Vote or other action.

G. Ordinances to be Referred to Committee or Commission. Ordinances scheduled for first reading may be referred under consent to a committee or commission for review prior to introduction and advancement. The committee or commission to which the ordinance is assigned will have 90 days or a date specified by the Assembly to review and recommend back to the Assembly action or amendments. If the ordinance is not referred back to the Assembly within the time limit specified, or by another date specified by the Assembly, the sponsor may ask the ordinance to be placed on the consent agenda for advancement to a public hearing. After an ordinance has been reviewed by a committee or commission, it will be placed on the consent agenda under the heading new business – ordinances to be advanced, and advanced to a date certain for a public hearing.

H. The original sponsor of an ordinance may request that an ordinance not be advanced for public hearing by signing a withdrawal notice prior to agenda closing in the Office of the Borough Clerk.

I. Except as provided in this subsection, the Assembly shall not transact any business after 11:30 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m.:

1. By majority vote the Assembly may extend a meeting and transact business after 11:30 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m. if the business transacted is the adoption of the Borough budget or of the resolution establishing the amount which will be made available from local sources for education. After completion of said action, the Assembly shall recess or take up other business.

2. This rule does not apply to a special meeting called in accordance with subsection (C) of this section.

3. This rule does not apply to Assemblymembers making, or the Assembly considering, a motion(s) to fix the time to which to adjourn.

J. By majority vote the Assembly may recess from a public meeting work session, or other gathering of the Assembly to an executive session if the Assembly considers no business during the executive session except those subjects mentioned in the motion calling for the executive session and if the executive session is to discuss:

1. Subjects, the immediate knowledge of which would clearly have an adverse effect on the finances of the Borough; or

2. Subjects that tend to prejudice the reputation and character of any person, provided the person may request a public discussion; or

3. Subjects which by law, Borough charter, or ordinances are required to be confidential;

4. Subjects involving consideration of government records that by law are not subject to public disclosure.

The motion to convene in executive session must clearly and with specificity describe the subject of the proposed executive session without defeating the purpose of addressing the subject in private. The Assembly shall not take official action in an executive session, except to give direction to an attorney or labor negotiator regarding the handling of a specific legal matter or pending labor negotiations. The executive session shall be attended only by the voting members of the Assembly and by such other persons as the Presiding Officer shall deem necessary.

K. The agenda for regular meetings shall be public information and the Clerk shall cause the agenda to be published not later than 48 hours before the meeting.

L. The Clerk shall make the agenda for a regular meeting available for each Assemblymember and the Mayor not later than 72 hours before the meeting.

M. The agenda may be amended at any time, as provided in these rules, or otherwise in the discretion of the Presiding Officer or the Assembly.

N. Public notice of a regular meeting, committee meeting, or gathering of more than three Assemblymembers, except a special meeting or special work session, shall be published in the following manner:

1. Posted at the entryway of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Juanita Helms Administration Center;

2. Printed in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner “Borough News” or other display advertisement; and

3. Posted on the Borough web page.

O. All Assemblymembers shall be notified of all regular meetings, committee meetings and other gatherings of the more than three Assemblymembers. Reasonable efforts shall be made to notify all Assemblymembers of special meetings and special work sessions. (Ord. 2022-45 § 2, 2022; Ord. 2016-40 §§ 15, 16, 2016; Ord. 2013-36 § 2, 2013; Ord. 2012-06 § 2, 2012; Ord. 2004-58 § 2, 2004; Ord. 2004-55 § 2, 2004; Ord. 2001-01 § 2, 2001; Ord. 2000-01 § 2, 2000; amended during 1993 republication; amended during June 1991 supplement; Ord. 90-001 § 2, 1990; Ord. 89-095 § 2, 1989; Ord. 86-088 § 2, 1986; Ord. 86-035 § 2, 1986. 2004 Code § 2.09.030.)