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A. No person shall knowingly own, harbor or keep any animal infected with a contagious or pestilent disease, unless confined and under the care of a licensed veterinarian.

B. No person shall fail to exercise proper care and control of their animal to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance.

C. No person shall tie, stake or fasten any animal within any street, alley, sidewalk or public place within the Borough or in such a manner that the animal can impede or hinder the safe use by the public of such street, alley, sidewalk or public place.

D. Every female dog or cat in heat shall be kept confined in such a manner that such female animal cannot come in contact with a male animal except for planned breeding purposes. (Ord. 2019-09 § 2, 2019; Ord. 88-058 § 11, 1988; Ord. 85-158 § 4, 1985; Ord. 80-65 § 7, 1980; Ord. 78-15, 1978. 2004 Code § 6.24.030.)