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A. No person shall own, keep or harbor a dog, cat or ferret over four months of age within the Borough unless such animal is properly immunized against rabies in accordance with the initial and booster vaccination schedules as recommended in the Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control, 2016.

B. Animal control shall, at least annually, hold a rabies vaccination clinic. The clinic shall be held at such times and places as to encourage the widest participation. Fees to be charged may not exceed cost plus 10 percent.

C. It is unlawful for a person to issue, transfer or forge a certificate for a rabies vaccination or rabies tag when no vaccination has been administered.

D. The owner of an animal required to be properly immunized against rabies by this code or other applicable law shall provide proof of vaccination upon request by animal control when the animal has been involved in an animal bite incident, is reported to act in a threatening or hostile manner, is running at large, is at a dog park, or has been impounded. Failure to provide proof of rabies immunization to animal control within two business days is a violation.

E. All animals released from the animal shelter, whether by virtue of redemption, adoption, release from protective custody, or otherwise, shall be vaccinated against rabies.

F. An adoptive owner of an animal without a current rabies vaccine shall pay, at the time of the adoption, the current fee for a rabies vaccination.

G. For all other animals, if the owner cannot provide proof of current rabies vaccination at the time of redemption, the owner shall pay the current fee for a rabies vaccination plus a fee for expired rabies vaccination. (Ord. 2017-27 § 9, 2017.)