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A. All dogs, cats and ferrets released from the animal shelter shall be identified by a microchip. Animals not identified by preexisting microchip upon their arrival at the shelter shall receive an injected microchip. Animal control shall keep a record of all preexisting, legible tattoos and injected microchip numbers with a reference to the animal and owner for a period of 20 years after identification.

B. Any resident of the Borough may have dogs, cats or ferrets owned by them microchipped by animal control, and a record of such microchipped identification number shall be kept as provided in this section. The owner shall pay the microchip placement fee.

C. An adoptive owner of an animal without a preexisting microchip shall pay, at the time of the adoption, the microchip placement fee. (Ord. 2019-09 § 2, 2019; Ord. 2017-27 § 7, 2017.)