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A. Definitions. In this section, unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions shall apply:

Coal stove” means a heater or stove that is fueled by coal.

Cook stove” means a wood burning appliance that is designated primarily for cooking food and that has the following characteristics:

1. An oven, with a volume of one cubic foot or greater, and an oven rack;

2. A device for measuring oven temperatures;

3. A flame path that is routed around the oven;

4. A shaker grate;

5. An ash pan;

6. An ash clean-out door below the oven; and

7. The absence of a fan or heat channels that dissipate the heat from the device.

Fireplace” means an assembly consisting of a hearth and open fire chamber of noncombustible factory-built or masonry materials and provided with a chimney, for use with solid fuels.

Fireplace insert” means a solid fuel burning appliance similar in function and performance to a freestanding wood burning stove, which is made from cast iron or steel designed to be installed in an existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace.

Furnace” means an appliance fired by gas, oil, pellets, coal or wood in which air or water is heated to be circulated through a building in a heating system.

Hydronic heater” means a fuel burning appliance designed to (1) burn wood or other solid fuels and (2) heat building space and/or domestic hot water via the distribution, typically through pipes, of a fluid heated in the appliance.

Masonry heater” means a device for warming an interior space through radiant heating, by capturing the heat from the periodic burning of fuel (usually wood), and then radiating the heat at a fairly constant temperature for a long period.

Pellet fuel burning devices” means a closed combustion, vented pellet burning appliance with automatic components creating an active air flow system, sold with the hopper and auger combination as integral parts, and designed, warranted, safety listed, and advertised by the manufacturer specifically to be fueled by pellets of sawdust, wood products and other biomass materials while prohibiting the use of cordwood.

Solid fuel heating appliance” means any appliance designed to produce heat by burning nongaseous and nonliquid fuels. This definition includes but is not limited to:

1. Wood stoves;

2. Coal stoves;

3. Wood-fired hydronic heaters;

4. Wood-fired furnaces;

5. Coal-fired hydronic heaters;

6. Coal-fired furnaces;

7. Fireplace inserts;

8. Pellet fuel burning devices;

9. Masonry heaters;

10. Cook stoves; and

11. Fireplaces.

Wood stove” means a heater or stove that is fueled by wood.

B. The Fairbanks North Star Borough, excluding the natural gas utility, shall not in any way regulate, prohibit, curtail, ban, nor issue fines or fees associated with the sale, distribution, installation or operation of solid fuel heating appliances or any type of combustible fuels. (Ord. 2018-45 § 2, 2018; added by citizen initiative 10/25/18.)