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A. The borough may purchase, lease or contract for any enhanced 911 equipment or services required to establish or maintain an enhanced 911 system at public safety answering points from a local exchange telephone company or other qualified vendor of an enhanced 911 system.

B. If the enhanced 911 system is to be provided for an area that is included in more than one telephone company service area, the borough may enter into such agreements as are necessary to establish and operate the system.

C. The borough hereby designates 911 Cushman Street, 800 William C. Leary Lane, and 1979 Peger Road in Fairbanks as the three 911 PSAP selective router demarcation points solely for the purposes of 911 call delivery by telecommunications carriers. (Ord. 2021-01 § 3, 2021; Ord. 2013-64 § 5, 2013; Ord. 93-057 § 2, 1993. 2004 Code § 8.03.030.)