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A. The Assembly shall by ordinance retain Borough land if the Assembly determines that the land poses a danger to public health, safety or welfare because of a geophysical hazard.

B. The Assembly may by ordinance retain Borough land for a public purpose or public use.

C. An ordinance required by this section shall contain the legal description of the property, and the address or a general description of the property sufficient to provide the public with notice of the location of the land.

D. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, the Mayor may not sell, lease, grant an easement on, grant an extraction license on, or otherwise transfer retained Borough land unless authorized to do so by ordinance, except that the Mayor may permit temporary or casual use of Borough land without Assembly authorization. (Ord. 2013-85 § 11, 2013; Ord. 86-056 § 2, 1986. 2004 Code § 25.20.040.)