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A. The preferred types of park memorials and plaques are:

1. Tree plantings;

2. Memorial/rose gardens;

3. Park amenities including benches, tables, receptacles, fountains and shelters;

4. Landscaping and improvements.

Large monuments and shelters are discouraged.

B. A person or group may make written application to place memorials or plaques at a park or facility to the Director of Parks and Recreation, which shall contain the following:

1. The park where the placement is proposed;

2. The location within the park where placement is proposed;

3. A detailed drawing and description of the proposed memorial or plaque including the size, shape, color and wording of any inscriptions;

4. Specific justification for the memorial, including:

a. Suitability;

b. History or biography of the person, organization or act to be honored;

c. Substantive rationale for honoring the individual, organization or act such as monetary contribution for the acquisition, development and placement of the plaque or memorial, a sustained, high level of voluntary public service in the area of parks and recreation, or a singularly unique, lasting and significant contribution to the community, state or country;

d. An application to place a memorial or plaque honoring a person or organization must specifically address their character, reputation, standing and length of time within the community or their level of contribution to parks and recreation, the community, the state or the country as a whole. An application to place a memorial or plaque to honor a deceased person within 12 months of the date of death shall be considered for placement only in Weeks Field Community Park.

C. Weeks Field Community Park, developed by the Weeks Field Community Park Association and maintained by parks and recreation, is the preferred location within the Borough park system for the placement of memorials and plaques. To protect the character and nature of the park, the design and placement of memorials and plaques shall adhere to the criteria in the park master plan.

D. The Director of Parks and Recreation shall review the application and:

1. Attempt to validate the contents of the application;

2. Research any deed, title or regulatory restrictions regarding the placement or design of a specific memorial;

3. Prepare a report and recommendation of findings for the Parks and Recreation Commission.

E. The Parks and Recreation Commission shall consider the application and the director’s recommendation at a regularly scheduled meeting. The Director of Parks and Recreation shall forward the recommendation of the commission and a staff report to the Borough Mayor for approval. (Ord. 2017-50 § 3, 2017; Ord. 94-014 § 3, 1994. 2004 Code § 2.36.100.)