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A. Parks and park facilities shall be named in a manner that will enable the public to easily recognize, locate and remember them. Names for parks and facilities shall be selected in the following order of priority:

1. Places and features, including streets, schools and natural features;

2. Historic sites or events;

3. Descriptive names;

4. Persons or organizations.

B. A person or group may make written application to name a new park or rename an existing park facility to the Director of Parks and Recreation, which shall contain the following:

1. A concise description of the physical location of the park or facility;

2. The proposed name for the park or facility;

3. Specific justification for the proposed name, including:

a. Suitability,

b. History or biography of the group or individual to be honored,

c. Substantive rationale for the name such as a significant monetary contribution for the acquisition or development of the park, a substantial donation of labor or materials, or a sustained, high level of voluntary public service in the area of parks and recreation,

d. An application to name a park or park facility for an individual must specifically address that person’s character, reputation, standing within the community or level of contribution to parks and recreation or the community as a whole. If the individual is deceased, the application shall address that person’s singularly unique and significant contribution to the community or a substantial donation to the acquisition or development of the park. An application to name a park or facility for a deceased person shall not be considered until 12 months after the date of death. A park or facility which bears the name of a person or organization shall not be renamed for another person or organization unless it is determined that the original name is no longer appropriate.

C. The Director of Parks and Recreation shall review the application and:

1. Attempt to validate the contents of the application;

2. Research the basis or history of an existing name and determine any deed, title or regulatory restrictions regarding the name of the specific parcels or park facilities;

3. Prepare a report and recommendation of findings for the parks and recreation advisory commission.

D. The Parks and Recreation Commission shall consider the application and the director’s recommendation at a regularly scheduled meeting. The Director of Parks and Recreation shall forward the recommendation of the commission to the Borough Mayor for approval by the Borough Assembly. (Ord. 94-014 § 2, 1994. 2004 Code § 2.36.090.)