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The Borough Mayor, as the chief administrative officer of the Borough, is responsible for the proper administration of all Borough affairs. The Borough Mayor shall:

A. Appoint Borough employees except as otherwise provided by law. They may hire necessary administrative assistants and may authorize an appointive administrative director to appoint, suspend, or remove Borough employees in accordance with law;

B. Suspend or remove by written order Borough employees as provided by law;

C. Supervise enforcement of Borough law;

D. Prepare the annual budget and capital improvements program for the Assembly;

E. Execute the budget and Capital Improvement Program as adopted;

F. Make monthly reports to the Assembly on Borough finances and operations;

G. Report to the Assembly at the end of each fiscal year on the finances and administrative activities of the Borough;

H. Prepare and make available for public distribution an annual report on Borough affairs;

I. Direct and supervise the administration of:

1. The functions of all Borough officers and employees, except as provided otherwise by state law;

2. The care and custody of all Borough buildings and of all real and personal property of the Borough;

3. The construction, maintenance, and operation of all Borough roads, bridges, drains, buildings, and other public works;

J. Execute other powers or duties specified in state law or lawfully prescribed by the Assembly. (Amended during 2004 republication; amended during 1993 republication; Ord. 84-104 § 2, 1984. 2004 Code § 2.04.040.)