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A. General Standards.

1. Applicability. Standards of this section shall apply to commercial marijuana establishments regardless of whether they are a permitted or conditional use.

2. A commercial marijuana establishment may only be allowed with the written consent of the owner of the property.

3. No marijuana establishment, except a marijuana testing facility, shall be located within the following buffer distances:

a. Five hundred feet of primary and secondary school buildings (K-12) including vocational programs, playgrounds, adult and juvenile correctional facilities and housing facilities owned by a public housing authority with children as residents; and

b. Two hundred feet of any post-secondary school buildings including but not limited to trade/technical/vocational schools, colleges and universities; and

c. One hundred feet of youth centers, group homes serving persons ages 18 and under, public swimming pools, child care group homes or child care centers, arcades, state licensed substance use treatment provider or facility providing substance abuse use treatment, church buildings and residential zones (RE, RR, SF, TF, MF, MFO).

d. Buffer distances shall be measured from the nearest public entrance of a commercial marijuana establishment to:

i. Outer boundaries of school buildings, including outdoor school facilities where students are regularly found;

ii. Outer boundaries of playgrounds;

iii. The lot line of a lot in a residential zone; or

iv. The principal building containing other uses listed in subsections (A)(3)(a) through (c) of this section.

e. Buffer distance measurements shall not extend beyond the nearest ordinary high water (OHW) mark of a river or lake or beyond the nearest edge of a right-of-way (ROW) of a controlled access facility.

4. Outdoor Storage. No outdoor storage of marijuana, marijuana products or hazardous substances shall be allowed.

5. In all zones in which marijuana establishments, with the exception of a marijuana testing facility, are a permitted or conditional use, the applicant shall include an area map drawn to scale indicating all land uses on complete parcels within a 500-foot proximity of the lot upon which the applicant is seeking a zoning permit or conditional use permit.

6. Marijuana establishments other than marijuana cultivation facilities, indoor small and marijuana testing facilities located in GU-1 or GU-5 zoning and adjacent to a lot upon which a principal building used as a dwelling is located are a conditional use subject to the requirements of this title.

B. Cultivation Facility Standards.

1. Yard Setbacks. Outdoor marijuana cultivation facilities, including all land planted with marijuana, shall be located at least 50 feet from a lot line.

2. Height Limitations.

a. The maximum height for a marijuana cultivation facility, indoor small shall be 35 feet.

b. The maximum height for a marijuana cultivation facility, indoor large shall be 75 feet. (Ord. 2021-23 § 15, 2021; Ord. 2017-14 § 2, 2017; Ord. 2015-41 § 19, 2015. 2004 Code § 18.50.300.)