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In the LI, light industrial district, geometric standards are:

A. Lot Area. There shall be no minimum lot area except as may be required by the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in areas where community sewer and water are unavailable.

B. Required Yards for Buildings.

1. Front yard shall not be less than 20 feet;

2. Side and rear yards shall not be required, except as provided herein. Where a lot’s side and/or rear lot line abuts property in the rural and agricultural (RA-40, RA-20, RA-10, RA-5), rural farmstead (RF-4, RF-2), rural estate (RE-4, RE-2), rural residential (RR), single-family residential (SF-20, SF-10, SF-5) two-family residential (TF), multiple-family residential (MF) and multiple-family residential/professional office (MFO) districts, the required side and/or rear yard shall be 15 feet. This distance may be reduced to 10 feet if a sight obscuring screen, not less than six feet in height, is provided.

C. Building Height. Unlimited.

D. Exceptions to Yard, Lot Area, and Building Height Requirements. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

E. Parking. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

F. Signs. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

G. Buildings per Lot. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC. (Ord. 2020-14 § 3, 2020; Ord. 2018-12 § 9, 2018; Ord. 92-006 § 5, 1992; Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.38.030.)