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A. The application for quick, major, or vacation plat approval shall be accompanied by a preliminary plat of the proposed request and supporting data as required by this chapter.

B. The preliminary plat submitted shall meet the following criteria:

1. It shall be clear and legible.

2. It shall be drawn to a scale appropriate to the size of the lots to be created.

3. It shall be on a sheet size of eight and one-half inches by 11 inches or larger. If more than one sheet, all sheets shall be of the same size.

4. The number of copies of the preliminary plat shall be submitted as listed on the applicable Department of Community Planning application form.

C. Where a portion of the property is to be developed, a master plan shall be submitted showing the following:

1. Major road networks intended to service the total development and adjacent properties;

2. Drainage and topography features.

D. The following information shall be depicted on the preliminary plat or in supporting documents submitted with the application:

1. Name of proposed subdivision;

2. Legal description of the property proposed to be subdivided;

3. Approximate acreage of the total property proposed for subdivision;

4. Names and addresses of owners;

5. Name of surveyor, if any;

6. Date, scale, and north arrow;

7. All existing or platted streets, public or private rights-of-way including trails designated Category A, B, or C in the adopted comprehensive recreational trail plan within or adjacent to the tract:

a. Location,

b. Width,

c. Name;

8. Proposed streets and all easements within the subdivision showing the following:

a. Location,

b. Width,

c. Name,

d. Type or purpose of easement,

e. Streets shall be identified as to category set forth in FNSBC 17.56.070;

9. Platted easements or easements established by other recorded documents as follows:

a. Location,

b. Width,

c. Purpose;

10. Location of all the following items existing on or adjoining the property:

a. Permanent buildings,

b. Power facilities,

c. Telephone facilities,

d. Sewer facilities,

e. Water facilities,

f. Drainage features and facilities including culverts,

g. Pipelines,

h. Dedicated trails,

i. Other physical improvements;

11. Soil structure per U.S.D.A. soils classification;

12. Approximate dimensions and area of each lot in the proposed subdivision;

13. Location of the following:

a. Streams,

b. Lakes,

c. Swamps and drainage courses,

d. Wetlands, if any, that have been designated as such by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers;

14. Location of adjoining properties;

15. Location of the following, if proposed by the applicant:

a. Parks,

b. Trails,

c. Playgrounds,

d. School sites,

e. Other public use areas;

16. A vicinity sketch or key map, at a scale not less than one inch to the mile, indicating the relative location of the following:

a. Proposed subdivision,

b. Principal road systems,

c. Access route,

d. Section lines;

17. Topography of the property sufficient to show general drainage and specific broken features. Where slope exceeds 10 percent, this shall be shown by contour lines at a maximum of 20-foot intervals;

18. A typical roadway cross-section showing details of construction design intended. Where new improvements would be constructed on top of or through soils considered frost susceptible, the cross-section shall be designed, signed and sealed by a registered professional. Soils considered frost susceptible include, but are not limited to, those with soil moisture contents exceeding 15 percent, Minto classified or Goldstream classified soils;

19. The applicant shall provide a traffic control plan showing all sign locations in the subdivision;

20. If the topography (slope of the land) has areas within the development exceeding 10 percent, the applicant shall provide a road system designed, signed and sealed by a registered professional with the following:

a. Plan and profile containing proposed centerline grades and existing ground centerline elevation of the new road system and identifying the grades for all roads and intersections,

b. Typical cross-section for cut and fill sections of the road identifying ditch section, road foreslope and ditch backslope,

c. Traffic control signage for the subdivision,

d. Plan and profile of proposed driveway for selected lots shall be provided at the request of the FNSB engineer,

e. New improvements shall meet or exceed current AASHTO/ITE guidelines;

21. When the new subdivision improvements will impact or change the drainage of adjacent land, a drainage plan designed, signed and sealed by a registered professional meeting the requirements stated in FNSBC 17.56.140 shall be submitted to the Borough engineer for review and comment. The design shall include but not be limited to the location and details of the following:

a. Culverts,

b. Drainage easements,

c. Soil stabilization structures;

22. If the applicant intends to seek final approval of a preliminary plat in several phases or increments, the applicant must delineate the sequence of development on the preliminary plat;

23. Any areas to be subdivided which are within special flood hazard areas (Flood Zone A) as determined by the most recent flood insurance rate map (FIRM) issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

a. A reference datum to mean sea level shall be established for the subdivision if flood elevation data is available,

b. Spot elevations for each lot or contour mapping at a minimum of five-foot intervals for all portions within Flood Zone A shall be provided;

24. Notarized signatures of all parties with a secured interest in the property to be subdivided or dedicated shall be required at the final plat stage. A standard form provided by the Platting Officer may be signed and notarized, authorizing such subdivision or dedication in place of signing the certificate on the plat. Upon submittal of documentation to the Platting Officer that a secured interest party did not respond to the subdivider’s request for authorization, the Platting Officer will make one additional attempt to secure a response by certified mail, return receipt requested. If no response is received within 30 days of the returned receipt, it will be deemed that the secured party has no objection;

25. If applicable, the location of all construction projects approved by either the City of Fairbanks, city of North Pole, Fairbanks North Star Borough, the state of Alaska, or the United States. Said diagram shall show the final location, when available, of all parcels, rights-of-way, road widths, and any other item that may be subject to a taking by a governmental entity.

E. If a road proposed for access to the subdivision is maintained by a road service area, consent to the exercise of road construction and maintenance powers signed by all owners of the real property to be subdivided shall be submitted with the preliminary plat if the subdivision is eligible for inclusion into a road service area. (Ord. 2016-07 § 4, 2016; Ord. 2012-14 § 4, 2012; Ord. 2005-33 § 4, 2006; Ord. 2005-10 § 2, 2005. 2004 Code § 17.60.010.)