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A. The review and approval of applications submitted under this title shall be the responsibility of the Platting Board appointed pursuant to Chapter 4.84 FNSBC, except where specific provisions of this title delegate that authority in the first instance to the Platting Officer or Hearing Officer.

1. The Platting Officer shall be a representative of the Department of Community Planning designated by the director.

2. Decisions made or actions taken by the Platting Officer within the scope of their authority under this title may be appealed to the Platting Board.

B. The Platting Officer shall establish a schedule for submittal and recording of subdivisions under this title.

C. Failure of the Borough to meet established deadlines shall not result in automatic approval of any application. (Ord. 2019-09 § 2, 2019; Ord. 2005-10 § 2, 2005. 2004 Code § 17.10.050.)